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English to Kannada Words Translation. Kannada to English Word

Kannada English
Humbatana Insanity
Molake Kalu Sprouts
Dudimeya Earning
Aamashanke Bedhi, Chalisuvike Motion 
Aalisiri  Listen
Havaadiga  Snake Charmer
Kuchige rice Boiled Rice (Famous in South Kannada- Mangalore Udupi)
Gabariyagu  Scared or Frightened
Udarachedana Cervical dislocation in medical terms
Proper Hale Kannada it is ripping stomach apart
Volegari  Slum Area or Poet
Gatanka  Incident
rajakarani Politician
malikegalu  Individuals
Akshepane  Objection
Neenu Dodda Choolu Nan Maga Ur biggest flurter


What is the meaning of Kannada word humbatana in English?

The meaning of kannada word Humbatana in English is Insanity – It is the state of being seriously mentally ill; madness. it is a very local slangs used for people.

Translate the Kannada word molake Kalu in English

The meaning of kannada word molake Kalu in English is Sprouts. The greengram sprouts are called as Hesarakalu Molakekalu

English meaning of Kannada word rajakarani

It means Politician

What is the meaning of Kannada word volegari in English?

It has two meanings. For example it is called for Slum area in one meaning. Second meaning for Volekara is Poet who writes or delivers the message in any mode.

gabariyagu Kannada word meaning in English

It means Scared or Frightened as well.

What is meaning of havaadiga Kannada word in English?

It means Snake Charmer – a person with an attractive and engaging personality, typically one who uses this to impress or manipulate others could be people or animals.


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